People who are stanning for that weak ass bitch, Sara. I’m side eyeing you.

I’m NOT here for her. She’s so weak,  she will cry, cry and cry again, but les pisseuse will vote for a weak ass and she will go far in the game, like Clara, like Marie. “She’s so sensible” Nah bitch, she’s just dumb. Tired of all that bullshit. Team Leila.

Never thought that a Stiles/derek couple will be a thing untill I came to tumblr. Maybe because I live in France…but HOW ? Some of them are hella delusional and they want their crackship to be canon. Lol  sterek shippers. Are we watching the same tv show or nah ? 

Posting here for the first since the poseygate, because of all the draeden drama. Braeden will get that D . She may die at the end  (I hope not ) but a least it will be canon unless sterek who only live in a fantasy world. Say whatever you want  It will stay a fanon and a crackship.